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Safety Products


Pri Safe Sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs instantly, without water. Use anytime, anywhere: while in car, office, handbag, picnics, nappy change, travel, sports etc. Leaves your hands refreshed. Use as often as required.

Usage : Squeeze a small amount in your palm then briskly rub hands together until dry.

Safety Information : Highly Flammable, Keep away from fire or flame. For external use only. Avoid eyes. In case of contact with eye, flush with water. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children. Call doctor if ingested.

Face Shield

Healthcare professional are advised to wear face shield to protect exposure from droplets containing virus expelled by patients when they cough or sneeze.

  • Unique design comfortable headrest prevents fatigue even after continuous wearing.
  • Medical grade transparent PFT sheet of 500 microns
  • Fog resistant
  • Comfortable head band to suit any head size
  • ETO Sterile

Instruction for use:

  1. Open the Pouch
  2. Fix the head rest in the respective holes on protective sheet.
  3. Remove the protective film from the sheet
  4. Put the completed head rest on head and lock it
  5. Adjust the velcro to your need and lock it.
  6. After using face shield, Disjunction the parts and Pack it into the same pouch
  7. Put the pouch into the garbage can.
  8. Wash your hands.



Two/Three Ply Maks

Easy Breathable
Lightweight, soft and comfortable
Available with and without nose pin
Fabrics available – Melt blown & Spun-bond

KN-95 Mask

6 Layer protection mask
Combination – High Density Filter 1
Melt Blown Fabric for filtration of smaller particules 2
Melt Blown Fabric with good air permeability 3
Filtration efficiency upto 95%


Sanitizer Stand

Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser
Powder Coated
Available in various colours.
Sizes available – 2L, 5L and 10L

Pedal Sanitiser Dispenser
Material – Powder Coated S.S. 202, S.S. 304 and M.S.
Anti-Vandalism feature for bottle.
Ideal for schools, hospitals, factories and other premises

Foldable Sanitiser Dispenser
Material – Powder coated M.S.
Foldable design

Sanitiser Dispenser
Material – Powder coated M.S.


Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) are protective gears designed to safeguard the health of workers by minimizing the exposure to a biological agent.

PPE prevents contact with an infectious agent or body fluid that may contain an infectious agent, by creating a barrier between the potential infectious material and the health care worker.

Components of PPE are goggles, face-shield, mask, gloves, coverall/gowns (with or without aprons), head cover and shoe cover.