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Special Purpose Needles

Biopsy Needles

  • Liver kidney and soft tissue biopsy
  • Aspirating Trocar Biospy Needle
  • Chiba Type Biopsy Needle
  • Chiba Needle with echogenic tip
  • Wescott Type Biopsy needle with special Slotted Side Opening
  • Cone Biopsy Needle
  • Menghini Technique Aspirating Biopsy needle with 5 parts
  • Standard Silverman Biopsy Needle with Split Cannula
  • VIM Silverman Biopsy Needle with Split Cannula
  • Modified Silverman Biopsy Needle
  • Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle
  • Conrad Crosby Bone marrow biopsy Needle
  • Gardner Type Bone Marrow biopsy needle
  • Large Type Sliverman Biopsy Needle for ILIAC
  • Pleural Biopsy Needle
  • Abram’s Pleural Biopsy (Punch) Needle Set
  • Cope needle Set with Adjustable Stop
  • Parker Pearson Synovial Biopsy Needle
  • Ackerman Bone Marrow Biopsy Needle
  • Large Type Silverman Biopsy Needle
  • Conard Crosby Biopsy Needle
  • Cope Needle Set

Huber Needle

• The wing Huber set is composed of Bevel 90* curved Huber needle and administration set consisting of butterfly wing, injection site , clamp, male luer lock connector and pellethane PU tubing ideal for continuous infusion , blood sampling through implantable port.
• Size – 20G,21G,22G

Body Piercing Needles

• Super sharp standard cut or back cut grinded electro polished and ultrasonically cleaned high medical grade SS 304 needles.
• Available in thin wall and regular wall size 14G to 24G.
• Packaging – individually pouch packed and ETO sterile or bulk as per requirement

Cardiology & Radiology Needles

Used for cannulization or arterial catheterization employing the seldinger technique. Needle assembly consists of four components including thin wall outer cannula with blunt tapered point. Inner cannula has a short sharp beveled point and a fitted stylet. Blunt rounded obturator is used to plug outer cannula after insertion. Chrome plated kidney shaped flange facilitates handling.

this needle assembly consists of a thin wall outer cannula with blunt tapered point, a short beveled cutting stylet and blunt obturator.

Special hypodermic needle with luer lock hub, stainless steel cannula with short bevel point

Procedural Needles

Frankfeld Needle
Has luer lock hub and stainless steel cannula which is slightly bent. Bending permits unobstructed view while needle is mamipulated through proctoscope.

Security Stop Needle
Has luer lock hub with sharp pointed cannula , with security stop affixed near the hub.

Tonsil Needle Curved
Has luer lock hub and a long curved cannula extension.

Tonsil Needle Straight
Has luer lock hub and a long cannula extension.

Varicosity Needle
Has luer lock hub, stainless steel cannula with regular medical point.