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Transfusion Sets

Infusion Sets

Cylindrical collapsible chamber fitted direct with spike, Super smooth non kinking tubing with very efficient moulded roller controller for extra Smooth and efficient flow rate.

Available Ranges: Vented, Non Vented, With needle, without needle.

Specification as per ISO 8536-4, IS-12655.
Packing Conventional Pouch / Ribbon / Blister Packing.
EO Sterilized.


With or Without Airvent.
With or Without Needle.
With or Without “Y” Connection.
With or Without Luer Lock.
Latex or Latex Free.
Available with DEHP Free Material.

Tube Length : 150cms, 180cms, 200cms.
Size : 150ml., 110ml.

Pediatric Set

• Specialized measured volume set made up of DEHP free material.
• Equipped with a micro drip with reduced drop size of 60 drops per ml.
• Provided with a burette type chamber of 100 ml capacity with 10 ml overflow limit.
• Burette chamber is made of bio-compatible medical grade transparent styrene polymer, suitable for infusion all types of fluids.
• Unique floating auto shut off valve acts as a floating indicator and automatically shuts off the drain path to prevent the passage of air in the line.
• No-kink device prevents kinking of tube during transportation and transfers.
• Separate plugs for extra medication and change over.
• Sterile, individually packed.
• Drop Rate-60 drops/ml
• Capacity-110ml
• Sterilization – EO

Measured volume sets

Flexible, Transparent & soft cylindrical measured volume chamber with sharp and easy piercing Spike. Super smooth kink resistance tubes ensures uniform flow rate. With smooth Roller Clamp Facilitates easy, safe control and adjustment of fluid rates. Specially designed floating auto shut off valve acts as floating indicator and automatically shut off the drain path when the chamber gets empty to prevent air trapping in the fluid line. Separate plug for extra medication and continuous change over.


With or Without Airvent.
With or Without Needle.
With or Without “Y” Connection.
With or Without Luer Lock.
Latex or Latex Free.
Available with DEHP Free Material.

Tube Length : 150cms, 180cms, 200cms.
Size : 150ml., 110ml


Scalp Vein Set

The single use scalp vein set “BUTTERFLY” is used for venepuncture and intravenous infusions. Manufactured from high grade stainless steel to ensure a traumatic and painless vascular puncture.

Available tip hubs: Luer Slip and Luer Lock.
Colour code according to ISO standard:
Injection needle sizes: 18G to 27G
Specification as per ISO 8536-4
EO Sterilized

Safety Scalp Vein Sets

• Size – 18G to 27G
• Packaging – Individual Pouch/blister box of 100
• Sterilization-EO

Blood Transfusion Set

Blood Administration

Conforms to ISO 1135-4 standard

Sharp non-vented spike suitable for blood bags and all type of standard blood containers.

Provided with a cylindrical drip chamber with 200 filter to prevent passage of any blood clots, down the path.

Flash ball type injection port for extra medication

Comes with smooth 150cm long, kink resistant tube

Efficient roller controller for accurate adjustment of transfusion rate.

Sterile, individually packed.

Specially designed DEHP Free vented blood transfusion set.

Provided with latex free “Y” type silicone injection port with thumb support for easy handling.

Sterile, individually packed.

Tube Length – 150 cm
Sterilization – EO

Three Way Stop Cock

• Specially designed lipid resistant 3 way stop cock with smooth tap rotation suitable during pressure infusion and invasive blood pressure monitoring.
• Rigid construction with circular flow channel prevents air entrapment
• Minimum residual volume and uniform bore ensures maximum flow and minimum turbulence.
• Provided with two female luer lock ports and one male user lock port.
• Sterile, individually packed in blister pack
• Pressure – bar
• Residual Vol.- < 0.20 ml
• Special Features
• Lipid compatible Minimum prime volume Arrows indicate flow direction Leakage free fitment

Micro Drip Infusion Set

• Flexible drip chamber to facilitate rapid adjustment of fluid.
• Sharp, sleek spike with vents to allow effortless penetration into the IV solution bag.
• Moulded, self sealing latex bulb at distal end for intermittent medication.
• Sterile, individually packed in blister pack
• Soft, kink resistant tubing.
• Disposable , sterile and non-pyrogenic.
• Option of Y-injection site.


Flow Regulator with Extension Line

• Designed to control flow rate manually
• Built-in Y-connector injection site for extra medication
• Two hand operation eliminates the danger of accidental tampering
• Provision of male and female luer lock makes it compatible with other devices.